Photo: Gilbert Trejo

Heartworms is overtaken by ever-consuming anxiety on “Jacked”

With latest single, the Dan Carey-produced “Jacked”, UK-based Heartworms further hone the dynamics explored on their 2023 EP, A Comforting Notion.

Fronted by creative Jojo Orme, the band moves through metal-tinged riffs, industrial sprawls, and austerely melodic bridges. Complemented by a short film created by Gilbert Trejo, the track evokes a sense of being burdened, pursued, taken over by an ever-consuming anxiety. As the song progresses, the band’s sonic gestalts grow pressing, urgent, disturbing, Orme’s sprechgesang more and more frantic.

Discussing the piece, Orme commented that the song is about “a darkness or entity which you are running away from … but it is really you that holds it”. Trejo added, “To me, ‘Jacked’ is the soundtrack to a paranoid fever dream … that feeling of loneliness and the unknown”.

Heartworms will play several live shows this summer, including an appearance at London’s Moth Club on July 17.

Watch the video for “Jacked” below or find the song on various streaming platforms.

“Jacked” is out via Speedy Wunderground and we hope news of an album is coming soon.