Photo: Caspar Swindells

Moreish Idols unleash the frenetic and addictive jam “Hangar”, announce debut EP

Cornish quintet Moreish Idols crash-landed into our lives with April’s debut single “Speedboat” and today they return with news of a debut EP called Float. It was recorded in their new hometown of London with the inimitable Speedy Wunderground and it’ll be out on August 12. They reveal about it:

“The most exciting thing for us as a band is capturing our performances live, which something Speedy is renowned for. Everything you hear in the EP is us in the room working together as unit – apart from Dyl who recorded his take across the whole EP in one! There’s something really cool about listening back to the takes and realising ‘this is what the room sounded like 5 minutes ago… and that’s us making the noise’. To us “Float” is a collage, and a demonstration of the band putting everything in the mixer and seeing what comes out (lyrics included) and it’s exactly what Dan heard before getting us involved with the label.”

They’ve also shared a new single called “Hangar”, which displays the power of that live-to-tape recording approach with an electrifying display of post-punk prowess delivered with quicksilver speed and tightness that emphasises their almost telepathic chemistry. “Hangar” skates through modern themes of media overload and general disaffectedness, the band playing their instruments to within an inch of their lives, with guitar riffs overflowing as the sax spirals madly up to the heavens. It could easily go so wrong, but Moreish Idols keep it locked to the pulverising percussion, assimilating their instrumental might into a deadly and addictive groove.

Check out the video for “Hangar” below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Moreish Idols’ debut EP Float comes out on August 12 through Speedy Wunderground (pre-order/save). You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.