The Lounge Society glide through turbulence on the featherlight “Upheaval”

West Yorkshire band The Lounge Society are releasing their debut album Tired of Liberty later this month, following up last year’s Silk For The Starving EP. A couple of singles, “No Driver” and “Blood Money”, are already out and this week they’ve shared a final teaser called “Upheaval”. They say:

“Upheaval has a calmer atmosphere than anything we’ve done before and looking back on the album as a whole, it may in fact be one of the most important tracks on there. In the studio Dan [Carey, producer] really helped us bring a certain vintage feel to life – with deep textured acoustic guitars, heavily impacted by the ambient room mixing we focused on in the closing stages of the album. This song, more than anything else we’ve ever done, feels like us together as four mates playing a song that we love.”

Indeed, “Upheaval” eschews the heavier and more dramatic sonics of their usual work in favour of an aerodynamic display of intertwining acoustic guitars and light-but-dextrous rhythms. It also turns the lyrical drama on the band themselves, starting with the announcement “all that we had is in the past”. From there, The Lounge Society traverse their deftly arranged aural and lyrical terrain with melodies and interplay reminiscent of Deerhunter. It’s done with slickness that suggests a brighter future ahead – as long as they stick together.

Watch the video for “Upheaval” below or find it on streaming platforms.

The Lounge Society’s debut album Tired of Libert arrives on August 26 through Speedy Wunderground (pre-order/save). You can find The Lounge Society on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.