Photo: Holly Whitaker

Post-punk newcomers Moreish Idols idolise a Venetian postman on the electrifying “Speedboat”

Moreish Idols are a quintet from a Cornish coastal town that recently relocated to London and rapidly caught the attention of Speedy Wunderground head honcho and producer extraordinaire Dan Carey. He quickly signed them up and got them in the studio and today they share the first fruit of their collaboration in “Speedboat”. Frontperson Jude Lilley says:

“When I was about 18 I stopped off in Venice with some friends after a festival. One hot afternoon in our grubby clothes, we managed to find a place doing pizza slices and beer for a couple of euros. Hidden away from the intimidatingly glamorous tourists we sat on a jetty and tucked into our newly purchased treats. As we were chatting away over our lunch, we were interrupted by a thumping kick drum echoing through the canal. The kick grew louder and louder until a white speedboat drifted at full speed into our view and pulled up to the jetty. EDM blasted from the boat, as a slick, well built man in wrap around shades and a red polo shirt inspected his vast pile of parcels. He bent down, grabbed a stack and hopped off the boat.  After making the drop at the house behind us, he hopped back into the motor and shot off into the canals. That’s when I knew: I wanted to be a postman in Venice.”

Singing about a postman in Venice is certainly quite a random topic, but it makes a nice change from the earnest observations of modern life that often colour modern post-punk. Besides, “Speedboat” is more about the five piece’s incredible instrumentation; we have a pulverising and pacy 7/8 beat, heart-racing interwoven guitar parts, ghostly streaks of saxophone and plenty of intangible layers of noise that create an electrifying whole. The humorous lyricism and vocals are just the cherry on top – or, perhaps, the crest of the wave created by the ultra cool postman as he speeds off to his next destination.

Watch the video for “Speedboat” below or find the song on streaming platforms.

“Speedboat” is out on Speedy Wunderground. You can find Moreish Idols on Facebook and Instagram.