Photo: Diane Sagnier

Melody’s Echo Chamber channels the pure joy of new motherhood into “Alma”

We’re fast approaching the release of the new album by Melody’s Echo Chamber next month, and today she’s shared another new single from it called “Alma”. It takes inspiration from Melody’s having given birth to her first child and then having to separate from her for two weeks early in her life. Melody continues:

“To me this song is a butterfly. It feels more like a little poem to life than a song; it was the first song to arise from the echoes of silence since Bon Voyage. I think I recorded the emotion of that kind of spiritual experience of the essential yet heart-breaking separation from the pure love bubble to the world of others.”

“Alma” is filled with life, bountiful instrumentation appears from all sides, reflecting the natural sense of wonder in the singer’s voice. She doesn’t need to say anything poetic to transfer the emotion: “I’m so happy and so proud,” she sings sweetly, then ponders “is this something everybody should know?” Having a child is a profound experience in multiple ways, and Melody’s Echo Chamber wants us all to feel it. She has shaved off the exceptional levels of joy it brings and converted it into “Alma” for us all to enjoy.

Watch the video for “Alma” below or listen on streaming platforms.

Melody’s Echo Chamber’s new album Emotional Eternal arrives on April 29 through Domino (pre-order/save). You can find Melody on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.