Photo: Camille Blake

Julia Holter returns with the tactile and translucent “Sun Girl”

Julia Holter has released a new single called “Sun Girl”, her first non-soundtrack solo work since 2020 and a signal that she may be on the way to releasing a follow-up to 2018’s double album Aviary.

“Sun Girl” immediately starts with a light clatter of drums, which persist as other instrumentation is layered into the warm and welcoming song. There’s snatches of flute and other squeaking wind instrumentation, vintage synths dappling the background and Holter’s enraptured sighs. Fragmentary thoughts tumble out of her in an aural reverie before “Sun Girl” decomposes into just voice, then just flute. When you think the song has whispered its last breath, those drums return and the wonky, dreamy carnival atmosphere is restored for another glorious few minutes.

The animated video for “Sun Girl” was created by artist and animator Tammy Nguyễn. Watch it below or find it on streamers.

“Sun Girl” is out via Domino. You can find Julia Holter on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.