Photo: Netti Habel

Beth Gibbons seeks for connection through the quietly thunderous “Reaching Out”

Beth Gibbons of Portishead fame is releasing her debut solo album Lives Outgrown next month and has now given us “Reaching Out”, a second tantalising glimpse of what’s to come following lead single “Floating On A Feeling”.

Where the previous single was true to its title in its broad beauty, “Reaching Out” presents a different proposition: a rhythm-driven cry of magnificent life. Over softly pummelling drums, Gibbons expresses her bone-deep need for human connection and clarity, her weathered voice the perfect vessel for these experienced pains. As it progresses, ghostly voices reach up like memories for the past, before an injection of brass spikes through the song like a shot of adrenaline hitting the bloodstream – the desperation for love hitting a primal level.

The video for “Reaching Out” is an interactive one, where you can click and drag around to see different imagery. That’s available here – or you can watch the static version below. Alternatively, you can find the song on streamers.

Lives Outgrown is out May 17th on Domino (pre-order/save).

You can find Beth Gibbons on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.