Claudio M.A.

MAVICA dives into the universe via her her ethereal new track, “no puedo decir que no (no regrets)”

Hailing from London via Spain, MAVICA glides through a surreal, celestial blend of rapturous pop and delicate folk. Anchored, above all, by her feather-light voice, her music explores emotive tides via instantly resonant earworms.

Her latest single, her third offering of 2023, “no puedo decir que no (no regrets)”, grasps particularly far out into the universe, guided by Spanish language vocals, with the track seeming to emanate from some distant bastion.

Speaking on the song, MAVICA shares, “Sometimes it’s hard to learn how to say no to things but eventually we become owners of our own decisions. This song is about not regretting, but acknowledging that things could have been different if you had avoided getting/being influenced by someone or something. The song was written right before moving back to Spain during the pandemic and crafted in Madrid.

Growing up in Cartagena, MAVICA initially gravitated towards dance, beginning her study of ballet at the age of 6, realizing her passion for music later. It was while studying at the London College of Creative Media that her MAVICA moniker was born.

Check out “no puedo decir que no (no regrets)” below, and stay tuned for more from MAVICA soon.