Photo: Aina Diago

MAVICA mesmerizes on “Empty House”

London-based Spanish artist MAVICA is riding the momentum of her “Empty House” single as she today releases her debut album (with an intriguing title) Sometimes A Person Never Comes Back (But That’s Okay).

“Empty House” (with a feat by Khazali) has the texture and nuance we’ve come to expect from MAVICA. She trained in ballet before switching to music – and there’s a dancer-like flow to the video (which feels like something Michelangelo Antonioni would have shot back in the Blow Up era).

MAVICA switches effortlessly between English and Spanish on the track, which culminates with the haunting line “ya no hay nada que decir” (“there is nothing left to say”).

The new album has some of the best song titles in recent memory, including “Vietnamese Soup” and “Catholic School”. MAVICA isn’t afraid to take big swings, and her artistic daring is winning new fans on multiple continents.

Watch the video for “Empty House” below, or find the full album on the streaming platforms.

Sometimes A Person Never Comes Back (But That’s Okay) is out now via Broken Levee.

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