Photo: Claudio M.A.

MAVICA shines on the delectable “are you back?”

You could teach a master class on production just by analyzing “are you back?”, the new single from Spanish artist/producer MAVICA. The song has subtle production sheen that builds slowly with each verse. This track has the potential to be a summer hit from Ibiza to Malibu.

MAVICA grew up in Cartagena, Spain and launched her musical career after attending the prestigious London School of Creative Media.

I wrote this song after ending a friendship,” says MAVICA. “I was stretching myself, hesitant to let go and pushing the relationship to its limits until it broke. There were many moments of doubt and insecurity leading up to and after the breakup. The fear of loss and abandonment you feel is just as present in a non-romantic breakup. Eventually I accepted fate and learned how to deal with the frustration of seeing the relationship go downhill without being able to save it.” 

Some people call MAVICA’s music “electronic-adjacent,” but whatever label you choose, “are you back?” is beguiling.

Listen to “are you back?” below, or find it on your favorite streamer.

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