Photo: Shervin Lainez

Manchester Orchestra burrow deep inside themselves on “Keel Timing”

Following on from last month’s smashing “Bed Head”, Manchester Orchestra have given us another taste of their forthcoming album The Million Masks Of God. The new song is called “Keel Timing” and singer Andy Hull has revealed:

“‘Keel Timing’ serves as a prequel to ‘Bed Head,’. It’s an isolated internal investigation about personal growth. Trying to decide what growth is positive and what growth is negative. And where do we land after that investigation.” 

Once again utilising electronic elements, particularly in the percolating percussion that punctuates the track, Manchester Orchestra continue to push themselves into new realms on “Keel Timing”. The frenetic pulse that drops in and out perfectly couples with Hull’s examinations of the feelings roaming around his head and body – both physical and emotional. As the pain reaches a peak, Hull’s voice rises to its signature pitch, and Manchester Orchestra glide up to meet it with riffs, harmonies and electronic melodies, evocatively rendering the storm of firing synapses in the singer’s mind.

Watch the video for “Keel Timing”, directed by Alex Thomas with assistance from Anyssa Rios, below.

Manchester Orchestra’s new album The Million Masks Of God comes out on April 30 via Loma Vista (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.