Photo: Ivor Alice

Loraine James takes us back in time with the revelatory “2003”, announces new album

Loraine James has announced a new album called Gentle Confrontation, set for release on September 22 through Hyperdub. Although the last couple of years have seen her release an album as Whatever The Weather and re-tool Julius Eastman for a project, this will serve as the official follow-up to her exceptional 2021 album Reflection, continuing the emotive and explorative journey of that record.

This is evidenced in the lead single “2003”, which returns to the emotionality of that previous album, but goes in deeper and is more explicitly open hearted. Over a wellspring of synthesized tones and disembodied voices, James reflects on the day 20 years ago when her father passed away; “When I was seven, my dad went to heaven… possibly.” She sings of her perrennial uncertainty, confusion and resentment, and the steadying presence of her mother throughout. “2003” might not have the sonic acrobatics that we know she can produce, but instead we get a more human, rounded image of the person behind the tunes – and it welcomes an intriguing new chapter for the rising talent.

Watch the video for “2003” below or find it on streamers.

Loraine James’ new album Gentle Confrontation arrives on September 22 through Hyperdub (pre-order/save). You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.