Loraine James and Injury Reserve’s RiTchie wind back the clock on “Déjà Vu”

London-based sonic wizard Loraine James is releasing her new album Gentle Confrontation in September and following on from lead single “2003” we now have a second offering, “Déjà Vu”, which features RiTchie from Arizona group Injury Reserve.

Where “2003” found James rolling back the years in a tender remembrance, RiTchie provides us his own version here. James sets the stage with a subtle electric piano lull and sparkling electronics all around, and RiTchie comes in with his mellifluous tones – maintaining his usual effusiveness even as he perfectly embeds his words in the soft and pillowy surroundings. Among James’ careworn production and in a few well-worded bars, RiTchie takes us right into his memories and the feelings that swirled in his body at the time.

Watch the video for “Déjà Vu”, which finds a contemplative RiTchie riding in the back of a car, below. Otherwise you can find the track on streamers.

Loraine James’ new album Gentle Confrontation arrives on September 22 through Hyperdub (pre-order/save). You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Loraine James North America Tour Dates

9/27 Monarch, Toronto, ON
9/28 POP, Montreal, QC
9/29 Public Records, New York, NY
10/1 Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
10/3 Polaris Hall, Portland, OR
10/4 Barboza, Seattle, WA
10/7 Public Works, San Francisco, CA
10/8 Echo, Los Angeles, CA