Photo: Isha Dipika Walia

700 Bliss summon a house party catharsis with “Bless Grips”

The third and final preview of 700 Bliss‘s upcoming Hyperdub debut LP Nothing To Declare – out May 27th – has been revealed. “Bless Grips” is an obvious reference to Death Grips and similarly, the track’s production style applies harsh industrial-inspired sonics to minimalist hip hop beats.

Founders Moor Mother and DJ Haram exchange verses with entirely different approaches: the former with an almost demonic bravado, whereas the latter sounds more aloof and blasé. According to Moor Mother, the song is “speaking about cycles”, describing time as moving forward, not as something passing by.

The grainy video homes in on the music’s lo-fi quality, capturing the “house party catharsis” that once upon a time marked the birth of hip hop. 700 Bliss seem intent on visiting and exploring alternate paths within recorded music, and resurfacing with new, thrilling possibilities.

Watch and listen to “Bless Grips” below or find it on streaming platforms.

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