Nicotine Dolls embrace the fantasy on “Real House”

NYC-based alt-pop/rock band Nicotine Dolls have previewed their forthcoming EP, How Do You Love Me, out December 8 with the release of new single and video “Real House”. 

The band, made up of lead singer Sam Cieri, guitarist John Hays, bassist John Merritt, and drummer Abel Tabares, formed in 2017. They are already heaping praise from their teased out singles and worshipped performances. Frontman Sam Cieri auditioned on America’s Got Talent in July 2022 (watch here) where he rocked Simon who described his voice like he “swallowed a great singer.” “If Rod Stewart and John Mayer had a baby,” were the words of  Heidi Klum. He had the ubiquitous dream come true of being called “sexy” by Sofía Vergara. Billboard Magazine described their previous single, “How Do You Love Me” as the place to look when you need to “scratch the epic alt-rock itch that bands like Snow Patrol used to regularly reach.” They are headlining sold-out shows on their current US tour, even covering Tina Turner. 

On the origins of “Real House”, Sam shares: “This song came about when I found myself in a false reality me and the person I was with had created. We had tried to make things work in a real way. We were together for a few years and things fell apart. After that we would find our way back to each other and in those moments, it would go beyond the physical. We would allow ourselves to fully embrace the fantasy. The lights go down and it’s all perfect but then they come up, someone yells cut, and it’s over.”

“Real House” is out now and the Nicotine Dolls’ EP How Do You Love Me released December 8 via Nettwerk.

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