Photo: Ebru Yildiz

DJ Haram gets dirty on “Handplay”, announces EP

DJ Haram has revealed plans to release a new EP called Handplay via Hyperdub on 1 December and has shared the title track.

“Handplay” is said to be an ode to and celebration of sex workers and its chopped-up, breathless words certainly give us snapshots of steamy interchanges. “Comfy, bleeded / Comfy, weeded / Princess treatment / I’m indecent” Haram sighs over turbocharged techno that’s fused with sordid sounds of sexual satisfaction. As “Handplay” revs up into higher gear with a meaty thump, Haram’s words are blurred and mangled amidst the steamy body-on-body action. Through the song’s warped visions of copulating couples (or orgies , delivered by manipulated sounds and samples, her voice simply loops, repeating what sounds like “gushy, gushy, gushy”. It’s perfectly appropriate in a messy, marvellous track like this.

Listen to “Handplay” below or find it on streamers.

DJ Haram’s Handplay EP arrives on December 1 through Hyperdub (pre-order/save). You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.