Photo: Isha Dipika Walia

700 Bliss and Muqata’a enshrine a champion on “Candace Parker”

Candace Parker is one of the greatest players to ever touch a basketball, and 700 Bliss – the alliance of DJ Haram and Moor Mother – pay tribute to her on the latest glimpse of the project’s highly anticipated Hyperdub-released full-length debut Nothing to Declare.

In tune with Parker’s fluid versatile game – able to score with high efficiency in the paint and the perimeter – Palestinian producer Muqata’a adds a rattling, percussive edge to the distorted layers of noise. Like a bolt of electricity, Moor Mother’s seething poetry seems to channel Parker’s inner drive, the burdens of being a pioneer confronted in perpetuum by competition inside and outside of the hardwood.

Listen to Candace Parker below, and find it on various streaming outlets.

Nothing To Declare will be out on May 27. Preorder the album here. Follow 700 Bliss on Instagram.

Muqata’a can be found on Bandcamp.