Photo: Suleika Müller

Loraine James delivers the boisterous techno blast “Let’s Go”

Loraine James is a few weeks away from releasing her new album, Reflection. We were treated to “Simple Stuff” back in March, and it’s been a long wait for another taste, but it arrives this week with another stormer called “Let’s Go”.

A showcase for James’ dextrous technical skills and physical-sounding production, “Let’s Go” does exactly what it’s title suggests: gets you amped for an expulsion of energy. Its myriad interlocking elements all churn like pistons in an aural engine, creating powerful motion that keeps you guessing as to direction it might shift, keeping you both on your toes and ensuring your wits are sharpened. A dizzying melange of footwork, techno, and electronica, it makes the release of Reflection all the more tantalising as it propels us ever closer to summer and all the freedoms that entails.

Loraine James’ new album Reflection arrives on June 4 via Hyperdub (pre-order/save). You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.