Photo: Suleika Müller

Loraine James announces new album with the slick and provocative “Simple Stuff”

North London producer Loraine James is having a productive few years, and that’s set to continue in 2021 as she has today announced a new album called Reflection for release on June 4 via Hyperdub. The news comes heralded with a new song called “Simple Stuff”, with James saying:

“The words for ‘Simple Stuff’ came very spontaneously but also reflects my immediate and current thoughts.”

James’ three lines “I like the simple stuff / You like the simple things / What does that bring to me?” are repeated throughout “Simple Stuff”, getting stretched, warped, and re-arranged all around her skittering production without losing meaning. It’s a technique that makes you think about the question from all sorts of angles; personal, political, abstract, literal – it’s magnificent in how it manages to provoke with such minimalism. James’ production, as ever, follows suit, making “Simple Stuff” sound like it is indeed simple, but that’s just because the way she overlaps her textures and beats is so pinpoint that they’re deadly effective. It all adds up to a deeply hypnotic whole.

Listen to “Simple Stuff” on streaming platforms or below.

Loraine James’ new album Reflection arrives on June 4 via Hyperdub (pre-order/save). You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.