Photo: Tonje Thilesen

Lomelda shares her tale of tenacity in “It’s Infinite”

Lomelda, the project headed up by Hannah Read, recently announced the release of a new album Hannah with the chugging “Wonder”. Today she shares the second teaser of what’s to come with a song called “It’s Infinite”. She says:

“‘It’s Infinite’ is about missin shots and missin dogs and deciding that even if I get all mad and muddy runnin after ’em, I’m still gonna. I am still gonna sing songs and truck along towards heaven on earth til I die.”

The soft-edged guitar and piano combination that introduces “It’s Infinite” immediately puts us in a safe, private space, which is furthered by the words that seem to have floated straight out of Read’s internal monologue. The cosy glow of “It’s Infinite” is almost inverse to the rugged “Wonder”, but the message is the same: keep going, keep trying, don’t be too hard on yourself. As drums arise into “It’s Infinite”, Lomelda sounds as if she is inflating with frustration, knowing little mistakes and oversights will always plague you – but by the song’s finale the feeling is of overwhelming calm and acceptance of life’s unending hiccups.

Lomelda’s new album Hannah will be out on September 4 through Double Double Whammy. You can follow Lomelda on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.