Photo: Lloyd McAllister

Logic1000 shares the hypnotic techno tune “Blossom”

A month ago, Australian-born, Berlin-based producer Samantha Poulter aka Logic1000 shared the wondrous “Perfume” ahead of its physical release. That 12″ single is out officially today on her own label Therapy, and along with it comes the b-side, “Blossom”, which is equally worthy of flagging up.

“Blossom” kicks forth with propulsive percussion that immediately invades your bones and primes you to get ready to move. From there, Logic1000 keeps things subtle, slowly shading in with rotating synths that sneak up out of the mix to hypnotise your body and mind before you’re even fully aware of what’s happening. After that, she has you fully in her grasp, and transports you through the rest of “Blossom” with measured accuracy; dropping out the drums, incorporating more loops, bolstering the bass, all at the perfect moments, dazzling with the precision of her production.

The 12″ of “Perfume” / “Blossom” can be bought from Logic1000’s Bandcamp, and with an exciting year of new music ahead, you’ll want to make sure you follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.