Photo: Chris Almeida

Lizzie Reid pays tribute to her vital friends on “Been Thinking About You”

Glasgow-based songwriter Lizzie Reid has continued to impress with each subsequent single, from “Seamless” to “Always Lovely”, as we build towards the release of her debut EP, Cubicle, out next month. Today she gifts us the latest track from the forthcoming release in “Been Thinking About You”, saying:

“This is almost an appreciation song for a friend of mine. He was such a support for me at a time I wasn’t feeling my best. I was going through quite a confusing time and felt guilty that I couldn’t support him in the same way he supported me.”

“Been Thinking About You” finds Reid adopting a more spacious approach to structure, building on jazzy guitars and measured percussion. This gives it a more relaxed atmosphere, where we feel as though we’re just watching Reid push her thoughts and observations around her idle mind, not getting too het up – despite the self-deprecation that comes as a natural side effect. Fortunately, she’s got the unnamed friend to rely upon; Reid reflects on the kindness and support she receives from them, and she uses that as a way to remind herself that she’s not so bad after all. “Been Thinking About You” builds from its spare wanderings to a crackling peak of distorted guitar, something like a reflection of the overwhelming love she feels both for and from this person – a sonic distillation of the fact that life is OK when you’ve got people you can count on.

Listen to “Been Thinking About You” below or on streaming platforms.

Lizzie Reid’s Cubicle EP arrives on February 10 via Seven Four Seven Six, and you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.