Photo: Matilda Hill-Jenkins

Lizzie Reid sings through the struggle on the aching “How Do I Show My Love?”, announces new EP

Lizzie Reid will release a new EP called Mooching on July 27 through sevenfoursevensix. The five-track release will feature her recent single “Bible” as well as today’s new offering “How Do I Show My Love?”. Of the new track, Reid reveals:

“This is another break up song but over time it has taken on new meaning from its original intention. Over the past few years life has been pretty harsh for a lot of people and when I sing this song it makes me feel how hard it has been to stay connected and express my feelings for certain people I care about. I find it hard at the best of times to communicate properly in a way that I would like but that can feel impossible when times are hard and people are forced to be apart.”

Appropriately for a song that was created out of such personal pain and isolated emotions, “How Do I Show My Love?” finds Reid alone at a piano. The instrument’s natural creaks and cracks echo the singer’s vulnerabilities, the rustling of the hammers quietly marking the unceasing passage of time. Reid’s vocal is heavy, filled with sighs, but not without her usual ability to summon a spectrum of emotions that hashes out the feelings of grief, pain and worry to their most detailed and unexpectedly beautiful points. The question at its core – “How Do I Show My Love?” – is an enormous one, and Reid can only chip away at its exterior, but it’s a stunning undertaking to witness. She may sound deflated, but she is by no means defeated, there is a glimmer of warmth in her words that shows that she knows the love she shares with those nearest to her will win out in the end and deliver her out of despair.

Listen to “How Do I Show My Love?” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

Lizzie Reid’s Mooching EP will be out on July 27 through sevenfoursevensix. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.