Photo: Matilda Hill-Jenkins

Lizzie Reid dances through disappointment on buzzing new single “Warpaint”

Scottish songwriter Lizzie Reid is building up to the release of her Mooching EP in August, and following on from “Bible” and “How Do I Show My Love” we now have “Warpaint”. The new track was inspired by a time when Reid’s crush showed up to a party with her new boyfriend, but rather than get down in the dumps about it she just kept on having fun. She says:

“I feel that its story is something that most people can relate to: you fancy someone
who doesn’t fancy you back! It’s not the end of the world because the relationship was over before it ever began. There’s no point in getting upset about such things. It’s a lighthearted song and it gives me a chance to let loose for a bit when I perform it live.”

Rather than get down in the doldrums about it, “Warpaint” finds Reid in her most boisterous form yet, announcing her chest pains and emotional wounds over a bounding and stomping indie arrangement. She’s a bit discombobulated, stumbling into the bathroom “just to look around”, but she’s still keeping her mind on a positive tilt. This is emphasised in the shout-along chorus “new shirts / team work / truth hurts” – a brief and lovable summation of the pain and joy of being alive.

Watch the video for “Warpaint” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Lizzie Reid’s Mooching EP will be out on August 24 through sevenfoursevensix. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.