Photo: Matilda Hill-Jenkins

Lizzie Reid unfolds her romantic anxieties in the tender “Bible”

Glaswegian songwriter Lizzie Reid returns today with “Bible”, her first new music since delightful debut EP Cubicle. On that EP, Reid explored the fall out of a romantic relationship, and “Bible” finds her circling the idea of opening herself up to love again, as she explains:

““Bible is about being nervous about falling in love again. I was feeling something, and that scared me. I wanted to get things right this time, be important to someone, and not to bring my anxieties into the picture. Becoming involved with someone tends to bring up things within yourself. It holds a mirror up and forces me to look at myself through someone else’s eyes.”

Despite the anxiety that is rife in the lyrics, “Bible” is a bright and affirming song that goes to the very heart of what it is to be human. The indecision she feels is so pure; how do we reconcile our past pain with a desire to connect deeply with someone again? Lizzie Reid doesn’t have the answers, but as she gorgeously hums and coos along with her scratchy acoustic we hear her poetically circling the idea, realising the bravery it takes to show someone every facet of yourself, whether that’s your childhood or your body. While she is afraid, “Bible” is ripe with the kind of warmth and tenderness of a person who has a superfluity of feeling to give – it surely won’t be long until she finds the right person to give it to.

Listen to “Bible” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

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