Sunken return with the intimate and disco-flecked incantation “Show Me Your Mind”

London quintet Sunken have returned today with a new song called “Show Me Your Mind”. It represents a few firsts for the band: their first for tastemaking label Seven Four Seven Six (Lizzie Reid, Matilda Mann), their first song shared from their work with producer Ben Hillier (Nadine Shah, Blur), and the first song they created together while working in the same space, rather than exchanging files digitally. On the themes of the new song, vocalist Poppy Billingham says:

“Show Me Your Mind is about the subtleties of how someone presents themselves to you. It’s easy to know someone on a surface level basis but the more you get to know someone the more your perception of them changes. The subtleties could be anything from how they might change their persona based on who they’re around or being more expressive and opinionated with ease. Sometimes we can get to know someone and how they think about things, and it can either pull you closer to them or make you realise you don’t click”.

With a slithering-yet-bouncing bassline forming the undercurrent, Sunken quickly bring us under their sway in “Show Me Your Mind”. It feels like an intimate bedroom disco for two, the band providing the perfect soundtrack as they subtly and seductively move in closer – both physically and mentally. “All the ways you’ve shown me to be kind / I feel obliged to confide,” Poppy sings in a near-whisper, both suggestively and slightly sinisterly. Before you can overthink the reason for her approach, Sunken have zipped off into a world of propulsive indie, synths and guitars pinwheeling around the rhythm in a combination that’s too slick to resist – you let your guard down and just go with it.

Listen to “Show Me Your Mind” below or on your preferred platform.

It looks like there’s a new EP on the way from Sunken very soon, so make sure to follow them on Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.