Photo: Chris Almeida

Lizzie Reid decries the idea of perfection on the penetrating “Always Lovely”, announces debut EP

Glasgow-based songwriter Lizzie Reid recently captured our attention with “Seamless”, and she’s today revealed plans to release a debut EP called Cubicle on January 22. The news brings with it another stunner called “Always Lovely”, with Reid revealing:

“This song is about insecurity. Feeling like you’re not quite up to it. It’s about obsessing with the idea of perfection and worth – whether that be about your physical appearance, your personality or social identity.”

Reid begins “Always Lovely” in tentative fashion, her voice almost hesitant, as if she doesn’t want to revisit these thoughts. However, guided by her whispering guitar, she builds up a little head of steam and drives straight to the heart of the matter with the presence and precision of someone like Laura Marling – at once cutting towards her subject, but with a tenderness that suggests she just wants the best for them. She has both the vocal and lyrical prowess to pull of this balancing act, expertly guiding us through the thickets of this complex issue with language both poetic and direct – and the natural beauty that comes shining out speaks for itself.

Listen to “Always Lovely” below or on your preferred streaming service.

Lizzie Reid’s Cubicle EP arrives on January 22 via Seven Four Seven Six, and you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.