Photo: Milos Jacimovic

Jessy Lanza announces new album with the infectiously juddering “Face”

It’s been a while since Jessy Lanza put out an album, but that gap ends on July 24 when she will release her third LP All The Time via Hyperdub. She has prefaced the new record with the song “Face”, which was inspired by people on the NYC Subway. She says:

“I was fantasizing about what everyone was thinking based on their expressions. I found myself projecting my own feelings onto the strangers I was looking at. I went home and wrote the lyrics imagining that the commuters were having telepathic conversations with each other. The questions I imagined them asking each other oscillated from sexual to confrontational: ‘Baby is it just enough? Tell me do you want it all? Baby are you feeling tough? Feeling tougher more than not?’”

She then took that seed of an idea and, along with her songwriting partner Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys), set it to hypnotically chopped and devilishly playful electronics. “Face” manages to be both sensual and unsettling, never letting you relax, and always keeping you on your toes – in the best, most danceable way possible.

The video for “Face” was created in isolation at the Lanza household with the help of Lanza’s mother and sister, who held green flashlights. The video was directed by Winston Case.

Jessy Lanza’s All The Time comes out July 24 on Hyperdub. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.