Photo: Akasha Rabut

Esther Rose announces new album with the wistful country of title track “How Many Times”

Esther Rose has revealed that she will be releasing her new album How Many Times on March 26 through Father/Daughter (US) and Full Time Hobby (UK). It’s a diary of her last two years, which included a few moves, several fumbled attempts at love, and the opportunity to work with some seasoned country performers that helped her bring these songs to the rich form they take up on the album.

Rose has said that the album is “not really just about feeling better, it’s about feeling it, whatever it is,” and today she has shared the title track, which lets us into this brutally honest space. On “How Many Times”, Rose is surrounded by seesawing fiddle, ribbons of lap steel and the characterful trudge of upright bass, but the song is all about her wry voice and honest reflections. Taking a stroll down memory lane, Rose relives her misfortunes in poetic snatches, but rather than wallow for too long, she keeps her chin up and rumbles on. As it comes to the earworm chorus she repeats “how many times will you break my heart?” with a lilt that suggests she’s thankful for the moments she’s had, and is confident that she’ll find the right match eventually – it’s a lightheartedness that is truly addictive.

Watch the video for “How Many Times”, which finds her wandering around New Orleans.

Esther Rose’s new album How Many Times is out on March 26 through Father/Daughter and Full Time Hobby. You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.