Photo: Romain Silvi

Deliluh show their evolution in their heist tale “Amulet A” and “Amulet B”

We last heard from Deliluh in 2019 with their excellent and under appreciated second album Beneath The Floorboards. Since then they moved from Toronto to Europe for the next step and, while the world had other plans about their touring, they have managed to knuckle down and start working on the next evolution of the band.

This is displayed in the new single, “Amulet” which has both an “A” and “B” version; the former being the classic fourpiece lineup and the latter the new streamlined duo of Kyle Knapp and Julius Pederson.

You might expect that the A version, having four players, would follow a similar guitar-led sound as their previous, but instead “Amulet A” is a creepy, synth-based piece. This low-lit crawl mirrors the tale being told in the lyrics of a jewel thief, who might just want to be caught, despite his secrecy. After a creeping first few minutes, “Amulet A” ramps up the tension with some icy strings and more atmospheric synths, carrying it to the seven-minute finish line.

“Amulet B” is the same song but with a more overtly electronic sound, particularly in the programmed drums and clarity of the beats. This allows Knapp’s words to come through more directly, which only gives us a fuller view of this devious protagonist, who affirms “don’t call me an honest man”. Playing like a punk-kraut track, “Amulet B” stretches to seven minutes with patient additions of minute electronic blips, chopped-up beats and even some deformed sax, subtly quickening the pulse as he repeats “I’ll be caught before long.” Deliluh have always worked in oblique methods, and “Amulet B” is another fine example – and an intriguing opening to their new chapter as a duo.

Listen to “Amulet B” below, and find both versions on streaming platforms.

“Amulet” is out on Tin Angel and the physical is available from Bandcamp. You can find Deliluh on Facebook and Instagram. They’ve announced these dates, with more to come: