Photo: Kate Killet

Sing Leaf shares the ascendant “Sunshine” and announces new album

Sing Leaf is the moniker of Toronto-based David Como, who has today announced his new album Not Earth for release on September 25 through Tin Angel Records. The album is preceded by the single “Sunshine”, which he introduces by saying:

“As someone seeking more LIGHT it is easy to be distracted by this pursuit of hidden things, every leap requires you to put your feet back down again or you can easily become unmoored. This is a song about finding balance, about calming, stilling, SEEING … how the beauty and truth that can seem so distant is often directly at hand, accessible, simple.”

“Sunshine” is a beguiling track that enfolds within it sounds of folk, jazz, and electronica, creating a song that seems to be floating ever-upwards towards the stratosphere. Sing Leaf sings of quotidian activities, but it seems as though the musical backing is searching for something bigger and beyond. While guitar plucks and light synths describe the dust hovering in the sunlight all around, there seems to be a well of emotion quietly bubbling from below. “You can try try try to be gentle and kind until things start getting out of hand,” he sings during the song’s mid-point breakdown, before the instrumentation returns purposefully, with more layers of delicate sound pushing us to brighter and warmer realms – and there’s even a playful flute solo that dances around as we float freely into this bliss.

You can listen to “Sunshine” below or on streaming platforms.

Sing Leaf’s new album Not Earth is out September 25 via Tin Angel Records. You can find Sing Leaf on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp.