Deliluh come thundering back with “Body and Soul”, announce new album

Canadian art punks Deliluh will release a new album called Fault Lines on June 10 through Tin Angel. The new record shows several methods of expansion for the (now) duo, who say it is “somewhat of a crash course in survival and keeping calm” and “overall it’s taught us a lot about what we want to accomplish, both in the present and the long term.”

They’ve shared lead single “Body and Soul”, saying: “‘Body And Soul’ initially came about during the first wave of the pandemic. I was holed up in Marseille, where I had initially planned to take a break between tours. There was a clavichord collecting dust in the hallway of my sublet that I began to mess around with during the lockdown. I tracked the chord progression with an old memory man and a borrowed mic from a neighbour. Once Julius and I were reunited months later, we began experimenting with different accompaniments and ways to build it into a song. We spent over a year throwing new ideas at it (re-amping modular synths, sax through guitar pedals, wacking broomsticks off a metal door, etc), and eventually managed to piece it all together.”

That protracted gestation period and impetus to keep throwing more into “Body and Soul” has paid off, as it’s one of Deliluh’s most hair-raising releases to date. There’s a chilling element straight away as they introduce the track with tense rattling notes underpinning the admission of freezing hopelessness. There’s an audible desire to escape thsi state of mind, but it only grows more strained as the duo add more tactile sounds to the track, and the chance of finding hope amidst the cold grows ever more remote. “Body and Soul” really is an experiential track; it’s engrossing, electrifying and enrapturing, despite its nihilistic bent.

Deliluh’s new album Fault Lines will be out on June 10 through Tin Angel (pre-order). You can find Deliluh on Facebook and Instagram.