Photo: Daniel Hjorth

Danish rockers Yung return with the bruised-yet-uplifting “Progress”

Danish quartet Yung released their debut album A Youthful Dream back in 2016, but took some time out following that. 2020 is the year of their return though, with a second album in the works, and this week they’ve shared the first example of what’s to come with a new track called “Progress”.

Ostensibly, the title “Progress” would suggest a positive outlook, but Yung’s track is an excoriating examination of the difficulty of modern life, and it sounds like singer Yung Shord is carrying the weight of the world with him on every step he makes. This existential angst is backed by golden-strung guitars and booming percussion, which lift his foreboding to a great height, giving it an epic setting that makes proclamations like “all my worldly possessions were nothing but an illusion in my head” sound all the more universal. With “Progress”, Yung have tapped into an anxiety that affects us all, but they brandish it with such poise and commitment that by the time the song reaches its galavanting finale, it’s actually inspiring.

“Progress” is available today digitally, but is being released on a 7″ b/w another new track called “New Fast Song” on August 28 via PNKSLM. Watch the video for “Progress” below.

Hopefully there will be news about Yung’s second album coming soon. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.