Photo: Dan Kendall

Swedish alt-rockers Vero bring lust and chaos to Valentine’s Day with “Cupid”, announce debut album

Swedish trio Vero have announced they’ll release their debut album Unsoothing Interior on May 6 through PNKSLM. They’ve also shared a new track and appropriately for Valentine’s Day it’s called “Cupid”. They say:

“Cupid was the first song we wrote that made the album. We had made a couple of demos before, but we weren’t loving them. They all sounded a bit too pretty and safe, so when the drums for Cupid were done, we took a guitar and started making these wheeling, chaotic noises, and that was it. That was the sound that set the tone for our album. The lyrics are a bit dream-like, it’s about lust and control.”

Bursting open on fizzing guitars and ribbons of feedback, “Cupid” will immediately call to mind Sonic Youth – and that’s even before Julia Boman’s breathy, Kim Gordon-esque vocals enter the scene. Paying homage to the greats is no bad thing, and Vero prove they have the nous to take that influence and contort it into their own shape. This is especially true in the chorus, which is almost bubble gum pop in its sweetness, but a closer look at the lyrics reveals something a little sexier and seedier than the melody suggests. As Vero freewheel into the song’s final 30 seconds, you can picture them whipping their sweaty hair around in sheer abandon. As an opener for a debut album, it’s very enticing.

Listen to “Cupid” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Vero’s debut album Unsoothing Interior comes out on May 6 through PNKSLM (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.