Photo: Daniel Hjort

Holm investigates confidence and disappointment on the jangly rocker “Erase & Repeat”

Holm, the solo project of Yung singer Mikkel Holm Silkjær, is releasing his debut album Why Don’t You Dance in January, and today he shares a new teaser called “Erase & Repeat”. On the song, Holm reveals:

“Having a predetermined idea of why certain people reach out to you can, at times, leave you disappointed. Being too certain of your abilities can lead to overconfidence. A search for devotion seems senseless if you have lost touch with who you are. This is Erase & Repeat.“

“Erase & Repeat” begins as a jangling country-ish jaunt with Holm soon announcing “I’m so confident it’s sickening” – but the tumultuous song soon throws this into doubt as it bursts into the chorus where he wails “all those hands I shook last night they don’t care about my scene.” The song continues thrashing back and forth between these two poles of confidence, the sonics following suit; one minute we’re in the calm tides of the verses, the next we’re being battered by waves of guitar in the swashbuckling chorus. It all continues to build to a cathartic finale, putting a cherry on the top of this crackling anthem. Overall, “Erase & Repeat” electrifyingly reflects the kinds of vicissitudes of feeling we experience on the regular in this modern world.

Listen to “Erase & Repeat” below or on streaming platforms.

Holm’s Why Don’t You Dance comes out on January 28 through PNKSLM (pre-order/save). You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.