Photo: Armin Razmy

Common teams with PJ to dream up a better world on the summertime bop “Imagine”

Last year, Common envisioned a brighter tomorrow on his album A Beautiful Revolution (Pt. 1), and today he continues that journey with the new single “Imagine”, which sees him re-enlisting that album’s MVP, R&B artist PJ. On the song, he says:

I wrote ‘Imagine’ at a time when we were all going through a lot. But something kept telling me to focus on the good and the things I wanted to see in the world. For me, music is one of the things that gives me hope and happiness throughout these times, whether I am creating it or listening to it. So I wanted ‘Imagine’ to create that feeling of how you can play a song and feel inspired. How a song can make you move and also move your spirit. Essentially, I want us all to feel like days are getting better and that great times are ours for the taking. And the first step in feeling that way is imagining it.

That “Imagine” shares the same title as the John Lennon classic is surely no mistake, as Common’s track follows a similar suit: envisioning a perfect world. He’s got the ideal backing to do it; a laid back funk beat and PJ’s rich pop-soul vocals. In his unmistakable flow he lists a whole load of dreams, both fantastical and realistic, from changing water into wine to not having to repay student loans. “Since I was little I had a big imagination” he admits, and he puts that on full display in this new bop.

Watch the powerful video for “Imagine” below, or find it on streaming platforms.

“Imagine” is out on Loma Vista, and could be the signal that A Beautiful Revolution (Pt. 2) is on the way – we’ll let you know in due course. You can find Common on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.