Photo: Przemek Dzienis

Brodka and Scottibrains give in to their destructive desires on the frantic “Wrong Party”, out on Speedy Wunderground

After a bit of a break, legendary London label Speedy Wunderground are back with a new one-off 7″ – the label’s 35th. This one sees legendary Polish songwriter Brodka teaming up with the label’s in house band Scottibrains (comprising Dan Carey, Boxed In’s Oli Bayston and drummer Liam Hutton) for a burning new track called “Wrong Party”. Brodka introduces the song, saying:

“Sometimes we are all drawn to a person or situation that is bad for us, so bad you want to set it on fire, but the desire is so strong, we can’t resist it. That’s what ‘Wrong Party’ is about.”

Brodka makes a perfect foil for the barraging post-punk laid out by Scottibrains, her light and dextrous voice riding atop the band’s quicksilver bass, drums and array of other percussive sounds. Though Brodka knows she’s following her worst instincts, she can’t stop herself from being lured into “dreams of endless night” where a debased party seems to be breaking out – “I believe it’s heaven,” she admits. Scottibrains’ presence continues to build with honking synths joining the mix as Brodka sidles further away from her better judgement, finding herself dancing with the titular “Wrong Party”, but unable to pull herself away. The song gets progressively more manic with loose-limbed jamming as she quietly sings “the night was bright so I gave it a go,” before it explodes into a fireball of recklessness that is utterly thrilling.

“Wrong Party” is out today digitally via Speedy Wunderground, while the physical 7″ – limited to 500 copies – comes out on February 26 (pre-order).