Today we have the pleasure to bring you California band Siddartha and they’re stunning video for their equally great song “Sometimes You Get So Alone It Just Makes Sense.”

Siddartha spawned out of the unique mind of one Marlon Hauser who met the rest of the band in the street in San Francisco. Using electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass, African xylophone, and djembe to back his vocals, Hauser created a brand of music that he has termed Dashiki Shoegaze.

“Sometimes You Get So Alone (It Just Makes Sense)” finds Siddartha in an introspectively bluesy form of their sound with heartfelt and relatable lyrics and a killer rock groove. The video is shot in glorious black and white and shows our protagonist prowling the streets meeting a few people on his way, but ultimately he is alone in the world.

Check it out below and if you like it then check out the album IF IT DIE coming out through Neurotic Yell Records on May 1st. You can also grab a different free song from the album called “The Fire Next Time” at the bottom of the post.

MP3: Siddartha – “The Fire Next Time”