Photo: Luca Anzalone

Babeheaven grapple for self-control on the gracious “Craziest Things”

London act Babeheaven are releasing their debut album Home For Now on November 20, and following singles “Human Nature” and “Cassette Beat” we’ve got it earmarked as one of the most anticipated releases of the end of the year. That excitement increases today with the release of “Craziest Things” and its video. Babheaven singer Nancy Andersen says:

“On “Craziest Things”, I explore my anxiety and insomnia, not being able to make sense of my emotions and running around in a state of mania.”

Considering the mania at play, “Craziest Things” is a surprisingly mellow track – just like the rest of Babeheaven’s catalogue it maintains an utterly charming combination of tones and tinkling melodies that suggests emotion floating in a soothing sphere. Andersen’s words are more fraught than usual though, she’s full of apologies and admissions of her insomnia – “my mind’s on the craziest things.” It adds a rippling tension to the track, but the simply beautiful veneer is never cracked, and instead we feel her anxieties from behind a sheen of placidity, resulting in a beguiling listen.

“Craziest Things” comes accompanied by an animated video created by Sacha Beeley.

Babeheaven’s debut album Home For Now comes out on November 20 through AWAL (pre-order). Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.