London act Babeheaven, made up of Nancy Andersen and Jamie Travis, have announced that they’ll be releasing their debut album Home For Now on November 20. It comes after several years releasing singles and EPs, through which they’ve fully honed their sound to something both modern and evocative of classics, and this can be heard in the new single “Cassette Beat”. Speaking on the new song, Andersen says:

“I wanted to write a song about creation. Whenever we create we subsequently end up destroying something in a huge way or a small way. But there is always light behind the dark even when you can’t see it yet. It’s also a comment on media, how we ingest it at an unhealthy rate – the news becomes fads instead of feeling real. I wrote this song about communication and how we consume it in so many different ways. I didn’t want it to be too negative so I wrote the chorus as a relief from the darkness of the verses.”

Like previous single “Human Nature”, Babeheaven once again set us immediately in motion with their rolling and intoxicating sound, evocative of hot summer days of your youth on “Cassette Beat”. It’s tinged with trip-hop, utilising a deep bass pulse that contrasts with the flighty vocals. Andersen’s voice is light but carries weighty ideas that flutter across the evocative soundscape, and then rise into the philosophical and warm chorus. As noted in the above quote, Babeheaven set out to make a song of contrasting light and dark, and with “Cassette Beat” they’ve done it with style and soul.

The video for “Cassette Beat” was shot by Margot Bowman on 35mm at Andersen’s grandmother’s cottage in Sussex, England.

Babeheaven’s debut album Home For Now comes out on November 20 through AWAL (pre-order). Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.