Westside Gunn links up with Mach-Hommy to resume an Easter tradition with “EasterGunn Day 4”

It’s always a good day when Griselda and Dump Gawds connect. In fact, it’s been far too long, as when respective head honchos Westside Gunn and Mach-Hommy released the stomping “EasterGunn Day 4” earlier today, it marked their first collaboration in four years.

The song comes with good reason, too, resuming a long dormant Easter tradition between the two. It also serves as the third helping from the approaching Sincerely Adolf #HWH8 project, declared to be the last in Gunn’s long-running (and absolutely essential) Hitler Wears Hermes series.

Perfectly settled within the luxurious wheelhouse of the two, “Day 4” boasts a warm, emotive vocal loop over which the powerful duo excel with absolute ease, poise, and dominance across its laid back, lengthy yarn. Heads are sure to spend the week debating who came out on top, but the truth is simple: they’re both winning.

Check it out below, and check back for the full details for Sincerely Adolf very soon.

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