Armani Caesar snarls with the ominous, eerie “Hunnit Dolla Hiccup” alongside Benny the Butcher & Stove God Cooks, officially reveals The Liz 2

Armani Caesar already had people salivating for her next project when she casually dropped off her “Poker Night” Freestyle back in April. Now, Griselda’s First Lady is finally ready to officially announce The Liz 2.

To mark the occasion, she’s offered the project’s first single, “Hunnit Dolla Hiccup”, featuring both Benny The Butcher and Stove God Cooks. It boasts an eerie, growling beat, and all three rappers make the most of it. It’s too hard to call who comes out on top, but it’s clear this is Armani’s show.

Check it out below or via your favorite provider.

The Liz 2 arrives September 2nd.

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