Teflon shares the head-nodding “Hostile Takeover” alongside Benny the Butcher and DJ Premier

Primarily known as a longtime affiliate of beloved Brooklyn duo M.O.P. and DJ Premier – also appearing on albums from the likes of Black Moon and Guru – Teflon has bided his time. Having not released a proper album since 1997’s underrated My Will, it’s been a long wait for fans of the MC.

Thankfully, that patience has paid off, as Teflon prepares to release his new LP, 2 Sides to Every Story. It’s set to be an event for fans of old school hip hop, as well: Preemo himself helmed five of the album’s tracks.

To that end, as the album rapidly approaches its release date, he has shared the Premier-produced “Hostile Takeover”, which also sees Benny the Butcher along for the ride. While Preemo has undeniably slowed down in his later years – does anyone else direly wish he was dropping full projects with selected collaborators like The Alchemist or DJ Muggs? – it’s always refreshing to hear him offer some magic.

Premier isn’t doing anything new on “Hostile Takeover”, but then, he doesn’t really have to. Even the legendary producer on autopilot is sure to kick in some nostalgic endorphins and have your head nodding along, especially when the track is laced by the likes of Tef and Benny.

Check the track out below, and look out for 2 Sides to Every Story come June 30th via 420 Music in partnership with Coalmine Records.