Yesterday Bright Eyes played at pop-up show at SXSW for AOL and now you can watch the footage of the full set. If you haven’t seen Bright Eyes on this tour or even heard about it then you may not be aware that the band are back on superb form as a live act. Bright Eyes are unafraid to play from their entire catalogue and do so here in this performance, including rarity “Falling Out Of Love At This Volume” and fan favourites like “Bowl of Oranges.”

In this quite unique venue, which Oberst himself compares the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney Land, it’s certainly quite a spectacle. Check it out below. (Set list beneath.)


An Attempt to Tip the Scales
Hot Knives
Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
Jejune Stars
Falling Out of Love at This Volume
Beginner’s Mind
Bowl Of Oranges
Poison Oak
The Calendar Hung Itself
Road To Joy