Photo: Marius Jadion

Toronto rapper DijahSB shares catchy bop “Overtime”, just in time for spring

Toronto rapper DijahSB has been making waves in 2021, even if they’re the sort that lull you into a groove.

As they prepare their new album, Head Above the Waters, they’ve now shared a followup to February’s bop, “By Myself”. It’s called “Overtime” and features fellow Torontonian Chris Castello. Ever blunt with their truthful, witty style, DijahSB nonetheless never loses a sense of melody and fun, all while confronting depression and fears of poverty.

DijahSB says:

Overtime is the last single before the album, I’m excited to introduce the world to Chris Castello who is an amazing songwriter and also does most of my artwork. He really made the song come together by telling the story of just always putting in over time to achieve our dreams.”

Listen to “Overtime” below or on streaming platforms.

DijahSB’s new album Head Above The Waters arrives on April 23. You can find the rapper on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.