Photo: Lillie Eiger

Tirzah goes deep on “Tectonic” and announces new album

Following the surprise drops of recent singles “Send Me” and “Sink In”, Tirzah has finally delivered the news we’ve been waiting for: she will release a new album called Colourgrade on October 1 through Domino. The news brings with it another new song called “Tectonic”.

Appropriately for a song called “Tectonic”, it is formed on the top of a slab of fuzzy and thick synth (or guitar squall?), which it rides for almost two minutes before Tirzah’s voice comes in. When her voice arrives, it’s more alien and harsh than we’ve known, both down to the effects and the delivery. Despite the gruffer aesthetic, “Tectonic” still finds Tirzah dealing in intimacy and the minor dramas of close interpersonal relationships with simplistic but insightful ease. With many details – both sonic and lyrical – to be dug out, get on with listening to “Tectonic” now.

Listen to “Tectonic” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

Tirzah’s new album Colourgrade is out on October 1 through Domino (pre-order/save). Follow Tirzah on Facebook and Instagram.