Photo: Lillie Eiger

Tirzah makes a characteristically cool return with “Send Me”

We speculated (hoped) at the beginning of the year that we would hear something new from Tirzah, and in typically low-key fashion she has returned today with a new track called “Send Me”.

Not known for the density of her songs, “Send Me” is even more skeletal than we’ve come to expect, barely more than a simple drumbeat and delicate guitar. This leaves plenty of space for her gentle, musing and somehow quietly enrapturing voice: “let me in and I won’t show,” she beseeches, and you can’t help but do just that. A song of healing after a year of stress, you’ll be so sucked into “Send Me” that you won’t hear the ending coming…

Watch the video for “Send Me” by Leah Walker below, or listen on streaming platforms.

Hopefully there’s more to come from Tirzah very soon, so follow her on Facebook and Instagram.