Tim Koh has, up to this point, best been known for his work with Ariel Pink, both in the studio and on the road, but that’s all about to change as he steps out on his own. He’s set to release his debut album later this year on Tim Burgess’ OGenesis Recordings. Today he shares the debut single “Fall Into Your Dreams”, saying:

“Tim Burgess is a humble, kind soul. We first met in the UK when I was touring with Ariel Pink. I first saw The Charlatans back in 1995 at The Palace in Los Angeles, also occasionally seeing him around L.A. when he was living there. I never imagined all these years later we would be working together. My upcoming album will be released on Tim’s label and I’m very excited to have this opportunity. The first single is called, ‘Fall Into Your Dream’ and I hope you all enjoy it!” 

Ostensibly a straightforward fuzz-pop song about sweet adoration, Tim Koh soon shows that he has a few tricks up his sleeve on “Fall Into Your Dream”. Across the song’s four minutes he takes up as much of the sonic space as possible, first with radar-like bloops, then later with rogue and hilarious cuckoo sounds. This would wear thin if “Fall Into Your Dream” wasn’t at its core a delightfully melodic track, produced with a kind of metaphysical feeling that gives the impression that you’re actually falling through layers of someone’s wild and random cortex – and it’s a beautiful thrill.

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