Ariel Pink puts his day-glo spin on The Dovers’ 60s hit “She’s Gone”

Ariel Pink and Mexican Summer are in the process of issuing a whole host of the songwriter’s archives, recorded and preserved over the last 20 years. The next instalment is Cycles 3 and 4, which arrives on January 29, and within them is a record called Sit ‘n Spin, described as:

“A special installment of Ariel archives focusing on the singles, eps, and unreleased sessions recorded by Ariel Pink in the late aughts after a five-year hiatus from making new music. documenting his first recordings with a full band, sit n’ spin contains the best and rarest rumblings of the artist at the beginning of an explosive second chapter.”

Shared from the archives today is the previously unheard cover of “She’s Gone”, a 1965 hit from The Dovers. Pink’s version doesn’t change the basic melody and rhythm of the original, but is faded and crusted in his signature style without losing its inherent infectiousness. In this space, his voice sounds like a forlorn undead being, mewling about his heartbreak from within their crypt – probably bugging his interred neighbours, but it’s a joy for us to listen to.

Check it out via the visualizer below or on streaming platforms.

Sit ‘n Spin and the rest of Cycles 3 and 4 of the Ariel Pink Archive reissues will be released on January 29 through Mexican Summer.

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