Last month The Wytches made their excellent comeback with “Cowboy” and today they’ve revealed their plans to release a new album – their first in four years. It’s called Three Mile Ditch and will be coming out on October 2 through Cable Code Records. Front person Kristian Bell says about the album: “This is the first thing that I’ve ever been proud of for longer than a week”, which is an auspicious sign.

They’ve also shared a new song from the record called “A Love You’ll Never Know”, a brooding and smouldering track the traipses with languorous beauty despite the weight of the feelings being sung. The Wytches keep the song teetering on the brink of explosion, and when the outburst comes it’s slightly reserved and angsty, and passes quickly into a buzzing wind down. This brilliantly maintains the tension throughout the track, and “A Love You’ll Never Know” shows how The Wytches have developed as songwriters.

The Wytches have also shared a video for “A Love You’ll Never Know”, which features a lot of home made puppetry. Mark Breed, who created it, explains: “The music video format was a long process. Making the set was incredibly fun with Kristian crafting most of the miniatures. I then had to film the green screen band performance within the set before recording the edited version onto my VHS camera. Finally, I shot the finished edit inside the view finder.”

The Wytches’ new album Three Mile Ditch comes out through Cable Code Records on October 2. You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.